Too often, funding goes to the shelters with the biggest marketing budgets. That's why this register shows you exactly which animal shelters need your help the most right now.


Cecil's Horse Sanctuary

We're a small horse and pony sanctuary based in Hertfordshire.

Eden Animal Rescue

Entirely independent, we never turn down an animal in need and are very proud of our non-destroy policy.

Kakatua Bulu Cockatoo Sanctuary

We help birds that are in ill health, feather plucking, disabled, or simply just in need of a new home.

Brook Farm Animal Sanctuary

We are dedicated to caring for animals, to rescuing them from cruelty, hardship, and neglect.

Border Collie Rescue

We work to rescue and re-home border collies and sheepdogs, promoting better understanding of the breed.

PACT Animal Sanctuary

We work to relieve the suffering of animals of any species and to provide sanctuaries for the care and treatment of animals.

Last Chance Animal Rescue

We rescue, rehabilitate and rehome 100s of dogs, puppies, cats and kittens each year, some from a Dog Pound's death row.

Hope Pastures

Rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming horses, ponies and donkeys since 1974.

Fluffy Retreat Ferret Rescue

We are a ferret rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming centre.

Kent Greyhound Rescue

Our volunteers rehome abandoned greyhounds and lurchers throughout the UK.

Yorkshire Cat Rescue

We exist to save the lives of abandoned and unwanted cats and kittens in Yorkshire and beyond.

Joan's North Wales Parrot Rescue

We support people with birds, and take in and match birds to those who can give them a second chance in life.

Little Paws Ferret Rescue

We work to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome stray and unwanted ferrets in the North East.

Holmewood Animal Rescue

Our mission is to rescue and provide care and shelter to stray, abandoned, neglected and unwanted animals of all kinds.

Birdline Parrot Rescue

Entirely volunteer run, our mission is to rehome unwanted or lost parrots and provide education on welfare standards.

SARA Animal Rescue

We are a sanctuary and rehoming centre for dogs, cats and other small animals.

Coppershell Farm Sanctuary

We provide shelter for unwanted, abandoned and sick animals from all different backgrounds.


We work to improve the lives of dogs, cats and people in our communities at our home in London and internationally.

TAG Pet Rescue

We are a registered animal shelter that rescues and rehomes unwanted pets in and around Thanet.

Mane Chance Sanctuary

Our horses, hens and dog live lives of peace and trust as we work together to help people in the local community.


This directory is completely free to join for registered animal shelters in the UK and Ireland.


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