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What are the criteria for listing a shelter? 


The main criteria is that your shelter must be currently in operation within the UK or Northern Ireland and must be officially registered as a charity (see charity commissions for England & Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland). 


Unregistered charities are not currently accepted simply because I don’t have the means to verify their legitimacy.



Do you handle donations directly? 


No. Each shelter has its own donate link which that shelter has supplied, so everything is ultimately within their control.



How is this site financed? 


Simply put, it’s not :) The owner of the site pays for everything. In our first year, we benefitted from discounts from WixTypeform and Prezly to get set up. 

Absolutely no money is made from this site; it is purely a labour of love.

Where do you get your pictures from?

Photos on individual shelter profiles are normally the property of that shelter. Where there were no original pictures available, I've used some wonderful photographs from Unsplash. Though these are free to use without attribution, I'm working on building in an automated attribution element to show the source of each image – it's the least we can do for the photographers kindly offering their work for free. For the time being, I am adding any images used on the site to this Unsplash collection.

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