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Holmewood Animal Rescue

Holmewood Animal Rescue



Our mission is to rescue and provide care and shelter to stray, abandoned, neglected and unwanted animals of all kinds.

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dogs, cats, rabbits, rodents, horses, birds

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17 Feb 2021

How has COVID-19 affected the shelter?

About a third of our income is from public donations and the current adverse economic climate has resulted in a steep decline in donations. We are, therefore, prioritising our budget towards immediate needs, and having to postpone improvements to our facilities.

Because of social distancing, we are effectively on lockdown and cannot accept the services of our volunteers, whose health and wellbeing must be of paramount consideration. We are working extremely long hours in order to look after every animal properly.


We, Holmewood Animal Rescue, are almost entirely an independent charity. We are classed as a small rescue despite the 200 animals that we are currently looking after. We’re not extremely well-known and we usually re-home our animals locally. We have very few volunteers, but the ones we do have, really matter to us.

Over the years, we’ve had many different animals come into our care. Most of those animals have come to us very ill and in desperate need of emergency care. We‘re strongly against putting animals to sleep, and if we feel they have a chance of making it, we’ll help them in every way we can to make sure they make it.

Throughout the whole of 2019, we had bunnies dropped at our doorstep (mostly overnight while no one was around to see who did it). Some were left in cages, some in cardboard boxes and some of the rabbits in those cages/boxes were pregnant females and/or baby bunnies (only about a few days old). Some of the pregnant females were too stressed to look after their babies, they gave birth within days of us having them. We made everything as comfortable as we could for them, but there were still a few babies that the mums refused to look after. We left the babies with the mums for a few days and if they fell out of the nest, we carefully put them back without touching them with our hands. Still no luck though, some of the babies weren’t getting fed, they were getting skinnier and skinnier by the day. That was when we decided it was time to take it upon ourselves to hand rear them. Each baby had 24-hour care every day and went around with us in a pet carrier bag with a blanket around them to keep them warm. They were fed every hour – day and night – until they were about 9 weeks old when they started eating and drinking on their own. We’re proud to say that those babies made it and most of them have been adopted (after neutering/spaying and vaccinations).

We love the work we do; every bit of it helps an animal in need, from giving advice to someone who needs help to rescuing animals who will eventually get their well-deserved forever homes.

We are very grateful to anyone who can help us with donations.

Thank you!

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We do all we can to assist any animals that are brought to our centre and would like to keep on doing so. The future of Holmewood and any plans that we have is dependent entirely on funding and donations from our supporters.

Please help if you can – with a donation, adoption or standing order – no matter how small.




Holmewood Animal Rescue Charitable Trust
Holmewood United Rd
TR16 5QY



07999 897 281



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