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Hoofbeats Equine Rehabilitation Sanctuary

Hoofbeats Equine Rehabilitation Sanctuary



Rescuing horses and ponies from all walks of life, we work to rehabilitate and rehome as many as possible to loving loan homes.

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South West

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horses, ponies

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For events only (see site for details)

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3 Oct 2022


For nearly 10 years we have struggled to make our rented farm our home. When we arrived there was hardly any grass for our horses, the fields were not adequately fenced, there was no water in most of them, the barn was so full of junk we could not see a square meter of flooring and there was broken Poly tunnel in most of the fields. However we could see potential. Our landlord promised to properly fence it, put water in the fields and remove the dangerous polytunnel pipes that were everywhere. With this in mind we started clearing the fields and making the barn a useable space. We had to buy our own electric fencing because of the lack of perimeter fencing, we put water into the fields, paid for the land to be reseeded, rolled and harrowed. This was all done with no or very little help from our landlord. Its taken years but this year we thought was going to be the year we made it, the year we finally had most things we needed. But today (13/03/21) we had devastating news! In a time that all charities are struggling to keep their head above water, our landlord(s) has decided that he wants to take back the land. The land we have worked so hard on and made our home, With being unable to do any fundraising events this could not have come at a worse time.

We have been able to continue our much needed work, due to the amazing supporters donating temporary land for us to use, so we are working out of 4 different sites at the moment , but we are still working.

We have a dream to buy our own land so this never happens again. You never know what may happen when you put yourself out there and ask for help! Any donation large or small is always gratefully received. We rely on your support and every penny makes a difference. We now have a sanctuary savings account and all spare money will be put in there towards our dream.

We thank you all for your positive words and are very grateful to be blessed with such amazing supporters.

Thank you again Sharon and all the team ❤️


Having officially been set up in 2000, Hoofbeats has rescued and rehomed over 150 horses and ponies, and has welcomed a range of mentally and physically troubled horses through their gates over the years.

Using a mix of both natural and conventional horsemanship ideas, the charity looks to give their horses the best chance of finding their forever home and unique carer bonds that they believe every horse deserves.

Run entirely by devoted volunteers, and with every penny donated and fundraised going towards the horses and ponies in their care, the sanctuary is reliant on the generosity of others to enable them to ensure the future of horses and ponies in need.

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It's very hard work running a sanctuary with only volunteers, but it does mean that ALL money raised goes directly to benefit the horses. If you feel you can help us in anyway, please contact us. Here's a few ideas...

Tack and Equipment Donations

We never say no to anything horse related, and if we have any surplus items we have a small second hand tack shop to help us raise funds.

Donations can be delivered to The Farmyard Cafe, Wotter or we maybe able to collect locally.


We are a very small team, and most of our efforts go to the everyday running of the sanctuary, so we need people to help with organising fund-raising events, such as coffee mornings and dog shows. Every effort helps to not only raise funds but spread the word about our work too.

Remember us in your will

Remembering Hoofbeats in your will is a lovely way to give us your support and leave a lasting legacy that will help us to help horses.. Whether your gift is large or small, it can really make a big difference to our future.

Volunteering & loaning

We are always looking for people willing to take one of our horses or ponies on loan. The process we use is through our rehoming pack, which is uploaded and updated regularly on our website, or feel free to enquire via our facebook page for more info.

For more details, please check our website.





07711 583 985



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