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This all started at the end of April, in the middle of the lockdown.

On Twitter and Instagram, I kept seeing adverts from the biggest animal charities in the country, calling for increased donations since the COVID-19 lockdown has put a stop to charity shops, fundraisers and adoptions. Hundreds of people were liking these posts and commenting, coming to their aid.


But what about the independents?

I spent days researching and, again and again, I saw the same story: independent shelters are in dire need of support, but they simply aren't getting seen.

There was no centralised hub for independent animal shelters, so they each have to spend resources to get heard. Some are better at it than others. Most don't have a voice online at all.

The few listings I found were full of broken links that were last updated in 2015. So, I decided to build a new directory – one that would be easy for shelters to keep up to date via brief check-ins, one that people anywhere in the country could view by location, type or financial need.

Because we should all strive to help our local shelters, but sometimes, local isn't enough; it's time to think beyond local and help those around the country that are most in need.

I believe that rescue shelters shouldn't be left struggling to operate simply because they spend their funds caring for animals rather than on marketing. I think you believe that too.

This is a growing website started from scratch in May 2020 by one person. My resources are limited, and I can only look after this site on evening and weekends, but if you have any feedback on how to make this site better, I'd love to hear it. Please get in touch via the form at the bottom of the page.

Thank you for your time, and your support,


Kate Bystrova


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