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SARA Animal Rescue

SARA Animal Rescue



We are a sanctuary and rehoming centre for dogs, cats and other small animals.

Based in:

Redcar, North Yorkshire



# of animals in our care:

Types of animals cared for:

dogs, cats

Is the centre open to visitors?

This shelter is currently welcoming

donations (£), donations (items), volunteers


25 Jul 2023


We've had a record number of kittens that have come into our care and are going through approximately 8 boxes of kitten meat a day. If anyone can donate kitten food we would be truly grateful. (We will accept any brand).♥️🐾🐱

Thank you for your support.


Saltburn Animal Rescue Association (S.A.R.A.) was formed in 1995 by a small group of animal lovers who realised that there was a real need to help unwanted and stray pets. In the beginning our aim was to help as many animals as possible by placing them into foster homes and attending to their veterinary care until responsible, forever homes could be found.

After using fosters homes for a couple of years, it was clear that we needed a center as the demand for rescue space was greater than foster homes could provide. The hard work started to raise enough money to buy a place of our own. In 2007, S.A.R.A. found the perfect place, an old farm just off Kirkleatham Lane called Foxrush Farm it was far enough from houses not to cause any problems with dogs barking but close enough for the general public to visit.

Over the last 10 years, we have accomplished a lot at the centre. We originally started off with only 8 kennels and in we converted rooms in the farmhouse for cats and kittens. Now we have 17 dog kennels and 17 cattery pens, which can house up to 28 cats. We also have an individual building called the joy lounge where our dogs can relax and enjoy some home comforts.

With the help from generous donations our latest addition at the centre is our sensory garden, filled with lovely smelling plants, herbs and different ground textures to help stimulate the dogs.

Over the past 10 years we have rescued and rehomed over 4,000 cats and dogs including kittens and puppies. Although we are a small organisation, we feel that this figure reflects the ever growing need for more resources to help stray and unwanted pets.

Our animal sanctuary continues to grow. We have 180 members and many committed volunteers (we always need more). Our priority is always the health and wellbeing of each, individual animal. Our staff work closely with all of our animals and great care is taken when finding their forever homes.

Fostering info


If you would like to help S.A.R.A we have several ways to do so:

- Volunteering at Foxrush
- Volunteering at the Charity Shop
- General Donations
- Sponsor an Animal
- Team Development Days

For more information on how you can get involved with any of the above, please visit our website; donations are very welcome using the link below.




S.A.R.A. Foxrush Farm
Kirkleatham Lane
TS10 5NJ



01642 488 108



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