Mane Chance Sanctuary



Our horses, hens and dog live lives of peace and trust as we work together to help people in the local community.

Based in:

Compton, Surrey


South East

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Types of animals cared for:

horses, chickens, dogs

Is the centre open to visitors?


This shelter is currently welcoming

donations (£), donations (items), volunteers


All animals are being cared for by dedicated staff. Limited visits from volunteers are allowed at the current time, and all our fundraising events have been cancelled, so a huge proportion of income is gone.

We appreciate any support you can offer, thank you.


1. Our modus operandi of care is unusual in the horse world, in that we have our fields set up on a track system, which enriches the horses’ lives by giving them variety and also leads them to exercise, as we feed them all along the tracks thus encouraging them to forage, with their water at one end.

2. The emotional care of the horses, which of course is reflected in their physical well-being, has been developed from patient observation and detailed consideration of our horses’ needs. Most of our horses have come from terrible lives of pain, neglect and abuse at the hands of their previous owners. Our care regime involves working with our rescued animals at their pace, and of course gently earning their trust. We give those that need it a balance of extra supplements and reiki, as well as conventional veterinary, podiatric and chiropractic care. We have a wonderful team of staff and volunteers at Mane Chance led by Abi Smart.

3. Mane Chance Sanctuary also works with people. We cherish our relationships with many community groups and schools - watching the horses and ponies interact with the children so peacefully is joyous. We are also developing our Programme – Chance2Be, for young people with low mood and anxiety which will enable them to learn some life skills such as calmness and self-regulation, with the help of the horses. We have a community Co-ordinator who works with additional needs visitors of all ages and we find that the peace and non -judgemental ethos of the sanctuary enhances these visits- relaxing the visitors as they share our horses, dog and hens! But it is not only the community visitors who visit that benefit from the sanctuary- many of our volunteers say their lives are enriched through the work they do there on a regular basis. Our motto is ‘help us help them’. We believe that in helping the horses we form a circle of care where we help them, then they help us, and together we heal in partnership.

4. We want to educate and lead in terms of animal welfare. It is our belief that animals are sentient, sensitive beings who deserve our respect as well as our care. They should work with us as partners and not for us.

Member of NEWC.


Very limited visits from our volunteers are allowed at current time, and all our fundraising events have been cancelled, so a huge proportion of our income is gone.

Please help our animals by donating whatever you can spare.



Monkshatch Garden Farm
Down Lane
Surrey GU3 1DL



01483 351 526





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