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We support people with birds, and take in and match birds to those who can give them a second chance in life.

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North Wales


North Wales

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birds, parrots

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20 Sep 2020

How has COVID-19 affected the shelter?

Here at Joan's North Wales Parrot Rescue we have closed all access to the rescue and temporarily closed our charity funding shop to minimize putting our volunteers & members of the public at unnecessary risk of contamination and/or spread of COVID-19. We are also ceasing all home checks, non-urgent intake of parrots and rehoming until further notice. We can still supply Parrot food to all our customers via non-contact deliveries.

As the pandemic decreases, this will be reviewed and when it is safe and responsible to do so, we look forward to re-opening. We hope that you remain safe and in good health and look forward to seeing you again in the not-too-distant future. In the meantime, please join us on our social media platforms where we welcome you all to interact and share your stories & thoughts.

We would be grateful for any donations you can make to the rescue, which will be used to help us pay vet fees and for food and toys for these beautiful birds.

Thank you for your continued support,
Joan & Mani


North Wales Parrot Rescue is a non-profitable rescue which was founded by Joan and Mani Rakhra in May 2014. Due to the success and to keep the familiarity it was renamed on 1st September 2015 to Joan's North Wales Parrot Rescue. We are a self-funded rescue and do our own fundraising in and around the North Wales area. We rely on, and are very grateful to receive donations and offer the opportunity to sponsor our permanent resident birds. We help support people with bird’s behavioral problems, take in birds when their owners can no longer keep them anymore and match them to the right person, home, to someone that can commit to them and give them a second chance in life. Our ethos is to educate about the care and welfare of these fabulous creatures and we provide this information and support through our store visits, displays, School visits and social media, as well as our guest talks in and around the local community.


We have taken part for a program for Channel 5 highlighting the Rescue and the work we do. You can watch it on catch up TV on MY5 just search: My Houseful of Animals & click on episode 2.

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Memberships and Sponsorships can be a great way to help and make a difference to the birds that we rescue. Memberships can be purchased from £20 and Sponsorships from £30 and are a great way to keep up to date with the Rescues news and events, as you will receive our quarterly Newsletter. You can also help us by donating your old parrot cages and carriers, or use Easy Fundraising to give us free donations every time you shop online. For more information, visit our site or get in touch!

We take in everything from budgies to large parrots, feeding them a natural balance food pellets and fresh fruit and vegetables every day. We would be grateful for any donations you can make to the rescue, which will be used to help us pay vet fees and for food and toys for these beautiful birds.

Thank you, Joan

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