Brook Farm Animal Sanctuary



We are dedicated to caring for animals, to rescuing them from cruelty, hardship, and neglect.

Based in:

Raunds, Northamptonshire



# of animals in our care:


Types of animals cared for:

cats, dogs, birds, guinea pigs, horses, cows, pigs, sheep, goats

Is the centre open to visitors?


This shelter is currently welcoming

donations (£)


We are running low on supplies for all of our rescues. When the cold wet weather hits the more the animals eat. We are seeing a big difference in the amount of hay, straw and feed we are using and winter is not upon us yet!

We will need to order more hay and straw soon which will be into the thousands to get us through the winter. We also spend £320 per pallet of animal feed which doesn’t last many weeks.

We have no where near enough standing orders currently to support the monthly costs of food, hay, vets etc.

Please donate what you can or order off our amazon wish list.

We understand what a difficult year it has been for everyone, we have seen a drop in regular donations. So please if you can donate a few pounds a month (the cost of a coffee) to help support the precious souls that live here at Brook Farm Animal Sanctuary it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you everyone for their support.

More details are available on our website.


BFAS | Brook Farm Animal Sanctuary mainly rescues farmed animals, though it takes in any animal of any species in need of help.

Brook Farm Animal Sanctuary, or 'BFAS' for short was established in 2005.

BFAS is a family run sanctuary and independant charity.

BFAS became a registered charity in 2008, and is run entirely by volunteers.

BFAS is probably one of the first animal sanctuaries in the UK to be run exclusively by Vegans (although you don't have to be Vegan to volunteer for us!) - just thought we would mention that! Anyone can volunteer for us. As long as you are fit, able bodied and willing to maybe muck out a few of the enclosures when needed, etc, then feel free to volunteer for us. Help is always VERY much appreciated, and we know the animals will love to see new faces and have extra scratches and cuddles!

We receive no secure funding and any form of public donation is essential to ensure the viability of the sanctuary.

BFAS rescues over 2,500 animals a year, the majority of which are rehomed into loving homes, some need rehabilitating, releasing back into the wild, and others stay with us for life.


Here at BFAS, we rely entirely on public donations to keep going. We are a registered non-profit charity (registered charity number 1126664), and rely very much on volunteers to keep going. Therefore, anything you can contribute towards feed, bedding and veterinary bills, etc, is very much appreciated and a great help towards the longevity and security of BFAS and the important work that we do.



BFAS - Brook Farm Animal Sanctuary
Brooks Road
Raunds NN9 6NS



07758 728265





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