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We work to rescue and re-home border collies and sheepdogs, promoting better understanding of the breed.

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North Yorkshire


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17 Feb 2021

What we cannot do:

All our rehoming services are suspended, including taking applications to adopt dogs. Our office opens from 2pm to 5pm Tuesdays to Thursdays for other enquiries.

There are exemptions under all current lockdown restrictions for charitable and voluntary activities but these exemptions are meant for essential activities & key services that benefit humans who are suffering hardship.

Adoption of a dog is not the sort of activity these exemptions were designed to permit.

It is not an essential activity or key service.

Any movement or contact carries an unacceptable risk of spreading the virus. Dogs in our care are safe and will be well looked after until we are able to place them in new homes once this situation ends.

If you call or email about adopting a dog you will be asked to call back when circumstances allow.
We will not be able to help you now or advise you when we will be able to allow adoption in the future. Circumstances are beyond our control or ability to predict - unfortunately.

Keep an eye on our website for updates as they occur.

What we can do:

In some circumstances we may be able to bring dogs into our care if they are at risk of euthanasia or those that are in need of rescue due to welfare reasons under Covid sage conditions.

Our ability to take in dogs is limited by the spaces we have to accommodate them in each of the three mainland devolved countries. We cannot cross borders or move dogs across borders.

In some circumstances we are able to provide support and assistance to elderly, infirm, disabled or ill people who cannot fully look after their dog. This includes, but is not limited to, walking dogs, delivering essential goods such as food and medicines and taking dogs to vets and/or returning dogs home from vets.
This service is wholly dependent of having a volunteer close enough to perform these duties.

In some circumstances we are able to offer support for people with Border Collies who are suffering hardship as a result of the pandemic. Small grants are available towards costs of dog food or veterinary care.
Grants depend on the financial circumstances of the applicant, based on evidence they supply.
Successful grants will be paid directly to the supplier of goods or services, i.e. Vets or pet shops, etc.
This service is available in England, Scotland and Wales.

We are able to offer behavioural and training advice via our advice line every Thursday afternoon between 2pm and 4pm. This service is available in England, Scotland and Wales.

We are able to provide information on a variety of subjects relating to dogs and take enquiries about taking in dogs or adopting dogs during our normal office hours between 2pm and 5pm Tuesdays to Thursdays. This service is available in England, Scotland and Wales.

If you have a dog to re-home and your situation is not urgent we can place your dog on a waiting list.


Border Collie Rescue is a registered specialist canine breed rescue organisation based in the UK and covering the whole country.

We are run and staffed by volunteers. It has always been a basic premise of this charity that those involved in helping the dogs should be doing so because they are driven by a love and respect of the breed rather than the expectations of payment for doing a job.

Part of our work involves assessing all the dogs we take in around sheep and other livestock to ascertain their working ability in order to be able to consider these factors before re-homing because we believe any Border Collie, but particularly a puppy, should always have a chance to work and fulfil its natural instincts.

If being a sheepdog is what it needs to do to have a happy and fulfilled life, we should find that out and facilitate it.

Knowledge of a Border Collies herding, chase and working inclinations also help us prevent a puppy or dog with these qualities ending up in homes where their instincts are frustrated, causing problems for people kind enough to offer a home to a rescue dog and causing problems for the dog in adapting to an unsuitable lifestyle.



Donations via cheque or money order can be made to Border Collie Rescue and sent to our registered office at 57, Market Place, Richmond, North Yorkshire, DL10 4JQ.

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Border Collie Rescue
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