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We work to rescue and re-home border collies and sheepdogs, promoting better understanding of the breed.

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How has COVID-19 affected the shelter?

Our dogs are safe. They are cared for, They are fed and within the constrictions of the current situation are exercised.

However, we have been obliged to temporarily shut down all rehoming activities due to the risk of spreading the virus to clients and volunteers.

We have lost all income from fundraising activities, all of which have been cancelled for the foreseeable future and our donations direct for members of the public have been dramatically reduced.

We have dogs in foster that still require feeding and looking after and care and our general overheads such as rent, etc. still need to be met. Legacies do not occur on an annual basis so at this time it is all costs and no income.


Border Collie Rescue exists to help sustain the breed of dog known as the Border Collie, to help and assist herding dogs in general and to promote animal welfare and good husbandry.

We are dedicated to the future of the breed
We are also dedicated to the breeds past, origins and traditions as these have a tremendous bearing on the needs and behaviour of the breed today.

The past has shaped the breed into the best working sheepdog in the world.
This inherent design is not always conducive with activities other than herding.

We want to break though the misinformation put about by people who seek to profit and exploit the breed for personal gain.

Breeders, organisations, manufacturers and service providers who will say anything to pander to a market - even defying their own common sense, knowledge and understanding of the breed - just to get as much money as possible for their products or services in the marketplace that pays best.

We want to enlighten, educate and inspire people to see the reality of the Border Collies design and instincts and not be fooled into falling for a version that contains a message more pleasant to their ears because it fits in with what they want to hear, rather than the truth.

That's why this organisation was founded in 1976 - and that's what we strive for today, so many years later.


Border Collie Rescue is a registered specialist canine breed rescue organisation based in the UK and covering the whole country.

We are run and staffed by volunteers. It has always been a basic premise of this charity that those involved in helping the dogs should be doing so because they are driven by a love and respect of the breed rather than the expectations of payment for doing a job.

Part of our work involves assessing all the dogs we take in around sheep and other livestock to ascertain their working ability in order to be able to consider these factors before re-homing because we believe any Border Collie, but particularly a puppy, should always have a chance to work and fulfil its natural instincts.

If being a sheepdog is what it needs to do to have a happy and fulfilled life, we should find that out and facilitate it.

Knowledge of a Border Collies herding, chase and working inclinations also help us prevent a puppy or dog with these qualities ending up in homes where their instincts are frustrated, causing problems for people kind enough to offer a home to a rescue dog and causing problems for the dog in adapting to an unsuitable lifestyle.


Donations via cheque or money order can be made to Border Collie Rescue and sent to our registered office at 57, Market Place, Richmond, North Yorkshire, DL10 4JQ.



Border Collie Rescue
57 Market Place
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