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Entirely volunteer run, our mission is to rehome unwanted or lost parrots and provide education on welfare standards.

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How has COVID-19 affected the shelter?

Birdline depends on a network of volunteers, safehouses and members across England, Scotland and Wales. We have no permanent base and regularly transport birds nationwide. The Covid-19 pandemic has obvious implications for Birdline and its ability to continue this model of working in the short-term. In order to safeguard our volunteers, our members and the wider community, we have had to postpone non-essential activities such as home checks until such time as the government advice changes.

However, Birdline has not closed its doors entirely as there has been a growing need during this pandemic to find new homes for parrots whose owners can no longer afford to care for them, or are severely ill or sadly passed away. Therefore, our intake has continued to grow, and our volunteers are having to make room for new birds until we can approve new homes.

Birdline normally raises substantial funds throughout the year by attending events, and providing demonstrations and opportunities to meet and greet some of our birds. However, we have been unable to run these events and have lost a vital income stream, which will prove disastrous if we can't replace it.


Birdline rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes parrots. Our mission is to educate people in the welfare of bird keeping and provide a refuge to every orphaned, unwanted and injured parrot or parakeet, regardless of species.


Birdline Parrot Rescue is a registered charity and operates England, Scotland and Wales. Since the charity was formed in the 1980s, we’ve rehomed thousands of parrots. We also work to raise standards in parrot care through education at events and through resources such as the Birdline website.

Birdline is run entirely on a voluntary basis and a dedicated team of people give their valuable time to ensure safe and happy lives are provided for every Birdline bird. We do not have a permanent base. Birds are taken into a network of safehouses across England, Scotland and Wales, assessed, rehabilitated, cared for and put up for fostering when they are ready.


Birdline needs donations to cover its running cost, and in particular vet bills for sick birds. We also need volunteers to help with the running of the charity, such as phone interviews, fundraising, marketing etc. We are using this time to recruit and train new volunteers. You can find out all the ways in which we need support at



Registered office:
International House
12 Constance Street
London E16 2DQ


08456 431 785



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