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Design our official logo, build your portfolio, help animals.


Like design, love animals? Enter our Big Logo Design Contest to flex your creative muscles and help some amazing charities in the process. The rules are simple:

  • Design our logo

  • Get your work seen

  • Help animals in need

To enter, simply submit your design alongside a screenshot to show your donation to one of the animal shelters listed on this site; the amount you donate is up to you, but remember – every penny you give goes to help animals in need.

This contest is open to everyone regardless of background.


Whether you're an experienced graphic designer, a student looking to start building up your portfolio or a hobbyist with a passion for animals, you are very welcome to enter.

Deadline: TBC


TBC: we're still waiting to hear from a handful of incredibly generous organisations, who have each contributed a prize for the lucky winner & runners-up. We'll confirm the prizes at contest launch in June 2020.

Oh, and your design will become the official logo for Animal Shelters UK :) You will be forever immortalised on our About page, have your design feature on all our material and be able to add this accomplishment to your portfolio or LinkedIn.


Details to come... 

Colours: these are not set in stone; use our site colours as a guide, but feel free to add complementary tones and highlights – we'll be happy to amend these to fit the winning design :) 

Here are a few questions to get your imagination going... 

  • Search Google for the term "animal shelter logos". What sorts of images come up? Is your design unique from these?

  • Show your design to a friend. What words does it make them think of?

  • How will your design look on a light/dark background?

  • If your design wins, it will be featured at the top of this site, as well as social media, emails, printed material and maybe more. Do you think it will work well in all those contexts?


Please submit a clear drawing of your design, ideally in two variants: light and dark. This is to ensure that the winning design looks great on both a light-coloured background and a dark one.

The preferred file formats for your logo submission are as follows:

  • SVG (vector) 

  • PNG 

  • Any other type of image file that clearly shows your design 

Use WeTransfer to send large/multiple files (there's no registration required).

Please include your name, website if you have one, and social media profiles if you are happy for us to share these via our social media channels.

Finally, go onto our Shelters page, choose one of the incredible charities listed there, and follow the donate link on their page to make a donation; how much is entirely up to you. When you receive confirmation of your kind donation, please screenshot it (blurring out any secrets, e.g. bank details) and attach this to your entry.

Send your entries to with the subject line "Logo contest entry".

Feel free to copy this template into your email:

Hi Kate!


Here’s my entry for the logo design contest. Please find a screenshot of my donation attached.

My name: 

WeTransfer download link: 

My website (if one exists): 

My social media profiles (please tag me when sharing my design!): 

I confirm I am happy for the above details to be shared publicly by Animal Shelters UK.

Thank you, and good luck!


Am I eligible to enter?

In short? Yes. 


The ultimate aim of Animal Shelters UK is to help raise awareness and support for the many incredible independent shelters operating throughout the country today. That’s why I’ve kept the barrier to entry as low as possible.


If you are a professional designer with access to high-end software, then great! Please submit your design in lovely SVG format if possible.

If you are not a professional designer, wonderful! You can still enter. 


If yours is the winning design, I will recreate your design in SVG format so that it can be used online; please understand that in this case, the concept of your design will remain the same but some slight changes to the design are likely.

Additionally, people of any age can enter, but those below the age of 18 please include a signed note of permission from your parent/guardian. 

Will there be a cash prize?

Sadly not. The ultimate goal of is to get funding to the incredible shelters out there; that’s why there isn’t a cash prize – if we had that money to spare, it would go straight to the shelters in need. 

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